We deliver great mobile video performance, guaranteed.


When performance is measured, performance improves. This seems like a simple thing. In fact, when it comes to improving brand advertising campaign results, it feels like it’s too simple. The challenge is that the digital video market is like the Wild West. Delivery and performance are too often measured in metrics of snake oil.

Our OS2 technology platform is architected specifically for mobile-first, multi-screen video. It navigates the complex challenges inherent in each medium, measures every facet of an advertising campaign, and delivers exceptional results with brilliant clarity.

We primarily distribute in-stream video advertising.


Our core ad format is dynamically placed linear video, where the ad is presented before, in the middle of, or after video content is consumed by a user. This is the same way a TV commercial plays before, during, or after a chosen program. Dynamic placement ensures the right ad is shown to the right audience at the right time.

Our most common FEP video ad format is pre-roll or mid-roll, which appears prior to or during a video content stream. Our most common short-form video ad format is pre-roll. All of our in-stream video advertising empowers brands to engage with consumers.


WE OFFER SOLUTIONS FOR Agencies, Publishers, AND Content Creators


Successful campaigns require the right mix of ingredients: premium distribution, compelling creative, and precise data science. Through our OS2 technology platform, we go beyond the impression to uniquely offer the following mobile-first, multi-screen video advertising solutions:

  • Market Research
  • Native Content Syndication
  • Optimize Frequency
  • Original Programming
  • Premium Full Episode Player (FEP)
  • Premium Short-Form Video (SFV)
  • Programmatic Video
  • Sequentially Tell A Story
  • Shape Favorability
  • Share of Voice
  • Social Amplification
  • Target Audiences
  • Transparency (Measurement, Verification, Viewability)                         
  • Borrow Interest
  • Brand Lift
  • Build Awareness
  • Call-to-Action
  • Create Ad Units
  • Data Science 
  • Day-Part Messages
  • Drive Sales
  • Earned Media
  • Encourage (not interrupt) Engagement
  • Enhance Reach
  • Interact with Brand Consumers
  • Influence Intent
  • Leverage Special Events